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Friday, December 30, 2005

Jan Mayen

Fantastic QSO With Per-Einar Dahlen on 7 Mhz SSB
Date: 30-08-2002

Svalbard Island

Very good QSO With Jack on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 17-08-1997

Tks to SP2XDR Peter

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Fantastic QSO


Very good QSO with Yuki on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 21-08-1997


Good QSO with Enno on 24 Mhz SSB
Date: 19-10-2002

Guiné Bissau

Fantastic QSO with António Callixto on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 28-03-1997

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fantastic QSO's on several Bands with Manfred Reichert. Worked on 14 /21 and 7 Mhz

Tks to DK7YY Falk


Good QSO on 7 Mhz SSB with Chai
Date: 16-08-2002

San Andres Island

Very good QSO made on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 17-07-2002

Tks to DH7WW Ulrich

Galapagos Islands

Fantastic QSO's made on 24 and 18 Mhz SSB on Nov. 2002

Tks to W5UE Randy


Fine QSO with Alexandre on 14 Mhz bpsk 31 mode
Date: 23-07-2005
Tks to EA7FTR Francisco

St. Pierre Island

Fine QSO with Jean-Marc on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 20-10-2002

Tks to F5TJP Ronan

Martinique Island

Good QSO's with Léonce on 18 Mhz SSB on 1998 and 2002

Tks to KU9C Steven


Fantastic QSO with Vitaly on 7 Mhz SSB
Date: 21-04-2004


Very good QSO with Michael on 21 Mhz RTTY mode
Date: 27-08-2005

Tks to Slavek OK1CU


Fantastic QSO with Sayyed Hosseini on 7 Mhz SSB

Cabo Verde

Good QSO's made on 28 and 3.5 Mhz SSB with friend Alexander

Cape Verde
Western Africa, group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal
Geographic coordinates: 16 00 N, 24 00 W
Area: 4,033 sq km
Area - comparative: slightly larger than Rhode Island Land boundaries: 0 km
Coastline: 965 km
Maritime claims: measured from claimed archipelagic baselines
Climate: temperate; warm, dry summer; precipitation meager and very erratic
Terrain: steep, rugged, rocky, volcanic
Elevation extremes: lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m highest point: Mt. Fogo 2,829 m (a volcano on Fogo Island) Natural resources: salt, basalt rock, pozzuolana (a siliceous volcanic ash used to produce hydraulic cement), limestone, kaolin, fish Population: 405,163 (July 2001 est.) Ethnic groups: Creole (mulatto) 71%, African 28%, European 1%
Languages: Portuguese, Crioulo (a blend of Portuguese and West African words)
The uninhabited islands were discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the 15th century; they subsequently became a trading center for African slaves. Most Cape Verdeans descend from both groups. Independence was achieved in 1975. In 1460, at the beginning of their adventurous discoveries, navigators in the service of the Portuguese Crown, landed in Cape Verde. Although there is no actual proof, there are indications that the Romans and the Carthaginians were aware of the existence of the Archipelago. It is also speculated that in the XII century, Arab seafarers may have reached the then unhabited islands. Two years after its discovery, the islands of the Archipelago were colonized and, soon after, Cape Verde developed a largely mestizo population with its own unique culture that had been influenced by many other countries. Free Europeans and slaves of the African coast intermarried to form their own way of life and their own dialect - the "Creole". Together these formed the roots of the country's culture. Consequently, side by side, there can be found the large wooden pestle and the European stone grinder, the drumming sound of characteristic of the African dances and the sound of the Portuguese triangle as well as the West African game 'banco de ouri' which is played by everyone. Since the origin of their history, the Cape Verdeans have been a largely mestizo: 80 per cent of the population is mestizo, 17 per cent black and 3 per cent white. Little by little Cape Verde formed its cultural identity and then began to search for its own political identity. They finally obtained this with the National Independence, on the 5th of July 1975 after a long fight for the national liberation. On the 13th January, 1991, they finally settled upon the multi-party system with all the institutions of modern democracy. Today, Cape Verde is a rapidly developing country that enjoys peace and social stability. As far as health services, education and quality of life are concerned, Cape Verde is ranked the 4th in Africa.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Very nice QSO on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 28-09-2002

Tks to DL7AFS Bearbel

Inhambane District group including Bazaruto you will find it among the RSGB IOTA Directories most wanted groups. The Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of small islands situated approximately 40 kilometres off the Mozambique coast. Large parts of the islands, and especially Bazaruto Island itself, remain in a pristine state. Bazaruto is the largest (35km long), and northern most of the five islands which comprise the Bazaruto Archipelago. As islands go, the three biggest (Margaruque, Banguerus and Bazaruto) are comparatively recent, having formed around six thousand years ago. The tiny Bangue is even younger, and is thought to be about three thousand years of age Saint Carolina (previously known as Paradise Island) is considerably more ancient, having established itself an estimated 120 000 years ago. All but the latter were most likely part of the Cabo Sebastiao Peninsula, aeons ago. The human population of the Archipelago is estimated at some 4 000 people. Most are concentrated in sixty or so fishing villages but there are many refugees from the mainland. The master plan recommends the resettlement of the refugees, back to the mainland when conditions are suitable. The islanders subsist on a diet of fresh fish and other marine foods, coconuts and maize traded with the mainland. Their primitive fishing techniques are currently considered to have little impact on the fish stocks but the situation is being carefully monitored.


Fantastic QSO with Yu-Jia XU on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 08-06-2002


Good QSO on 14 Mhz SSB with special station BV50CRA
Date: 08-03-2005

Tks to BV2IK Bruce

BV50CRA - Special event callsign for Celebrating the 50th anniversary of CRA [(Republic of) China Radio Association]
China Radio Association was found at 1955, composed of 8 categories members who devote in manufacturing, marine station, railroad station, meteorological station, news station, broadcasting station, communication education and amateur station in Taiwan.CRA was registered in Ministry of Interior Affair and certified by Taipei District Court as a juridical person.CRA owns a 2300+ membership as a juridical person who aims at the research in radio, electronic and academic information, to assist in the development for civil radio and electronic information business.


God QSO with Ismail Zahid on 21 Mhz BPSK31 mode
Date: 21-09-2004

Kingdom of Bahrain

Fantastic QSO's with my friend Mohamed on several bands
28/24/21/14 Mhz SSB
Bahrain, a group of 33 islands, with an area of 707 square kilometres, is situated in the Arabian Gulf, off the east coast of Saudi Arabia. The local time is GMT + 3 hours.
The state takes its name from the largest island Bahrain, which is 586.5 square kilometres. It is linked by causeways to Muharraq (international airport) and Sitra (industrial area and tank-farm). There are numerous other tiny islands, but they are mainly uninhabited and are best known for the variety of migrating birds which pass through in spring and autumn.

United Arab Emirates

Good QSO's with Rashed on 18/7 Mhz bands SSB

Sultanate of Oman

Fine QSO with Alex on 28 Mhz SSB
Date: 07-05-2005


Fantastic QSO with Christian Alemanni on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 18-08-2002

Democratic Republic of Congo

Fantastic QSO with Pat 9S1X on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 27-11-2002
Tks to F2YT Paul-Joel Herbet


Fantastic QSO with Rich on 14 Mhz SSB and 21 Mhz CW

Sierra Leone

Very Good QSO with Massino Stella (afmal member) on 14 Mhz SSB
Afmal-fbf, "Association in collaboration with the Medical Order of Saint John of God for far away ill people", is a no-profit humanitarian organization committed to the path of preserving human life through the development of Health assistance in Italy and in the developing countries.
Health assistance is just one moment of a longer path, turned to sensitize every man to respect and give fraternal love, peace values and solidarity that find their highest expression in the treatment of ill people, the highest valorization of human life.
The absolute belief that health is both a mental and fisical condition, the attainment of a perfect balance in relationships with others and yourself, and not just the lacking of diseases, takes Afmal to commit in projects that put together health assistance and an attention to the social work and professional qualification of the patient: to treat a person means even to give him/her those instruments that make him able to rehabilitate and reintegrate himself.
Following the directives of the World Health Assembly – that in 1977 defined as the most important aim of every governing institution, to guarantee health assistance for everyone – Afmal has always committed in the stimulation of national institutes to allocate funds for solidarity, through a collaborative approach with Governments.
Afmal has always collaborated with other important national and international NGOs – as VIS, CEFA, AIBI, AVSI, (along with there is a collaboration for a project in Albania since 1997) and other humanitarian organizations as Operation Smile (together with Afmal has instituted an hospital Center in Romania).


Fantastic QSO made with Yaser on 14 Mhz BPSK31 mode
Date: 30-08-2004

Maldives Island

Fantastic QSO on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 2-08-2002


Several QSO's with my friend Mokhtar on 18/7/3.5 Mhz SSB

Tks to DJ8QP Volker


Fine QSO with Neil on 18 Mhz
Date: 06-08-04
Tks to K4YL Stephen


Fantastic QSO on 18 Mhz SSB on 16-02-2003
Tks to DL7AFS Baerbel Linge

Republic of Niger

Fine QSO with Jim 5U7JB on 24 Mhz SSB
Date: 29-08-2004

Tks to ON5NT Ghislain Penny

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Fine QSO with Reginal F5VHH on Paris Dakar 2005 on 21 Mhz SSB

Tks to ON4CKY Etienne Dhaene


Fine QSO's on 24 and 3.7 Mhz SSB with Paolo

Tks to IK5JAN Marcello

International Telecommunication Union

Fantastic QSO on 14 and 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 20-05-2003
Amateur radio station 4U1ITU (station) is maintained by the International Amateur Radio Club (IARC) for the use and benefit of club members and the other licensed radio amateurs (operators) duly authorised to operate from the station, and is intended to serve as a model of amateur radio operation at its highest standard. The station is operated in accordance with privileges extended by Switzerland and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Sri Lanka

Fine QSO with Mario on 7 Mhz SSB
Date: 11-02-2003


Fantastic QSO With Yuri on 3.8 Mhz SSB
Date: 06-03-2005
Tks to UA6EZ Valery

Guinea Conakry

Fantastic QSO with Deutsche DXpedition 2002 on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 16-06-2002

Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Nice QSO on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 06-12-2002
TKs to Vitaly Markhasin VE6JO

Rodrigues Island

Fantastic QSO With Robert on 21 and14 Mhz BPSK 31 mode

Mauritius Island

Fine QSO with Massimo Cortese IZ4DPV on 18 Mhz

Monday, December 26, 2005


Very good QSO's with Juma Rashid A71EM on 7, 10 Mhz Cw and 21 Mhz BPSK31

Tks to EA7FTR Francisco


Aldabra is a raised coral atoll in the Indian Ocean virtually untouched by humans, with distinctive island fauna, including the Aldabra Giant Tortoise. The atoll is home to the world's largest population of giant tortoises, numbering some 152,000 individuals. The islands are designated a World Heritage Site.


Aldabra was visited by Portuguese navigators in 1511. The islands were already known to the Arabs, from whom they get their name. In the middle of the 18th century, they became dependencies of the French colony of Réunion, from where expeditions were made for the capture of the giant tortoises. In 1810 with Mauritius, Réunion, the Seychelles and other islands, Aldabra passed into the possession of Great Britain. The previous inhabitants were emigrants from the Seychelles.

Very nice QSO's on 14 and 21 Mhz SSB with S79RRC/A

New Zeland

Fantastic QSO on BPsk31 on 14 Mhz with AlanCresswell ZL2BX

French Guiana

Very nice QSO's on several bands with TO7C
On 7/18/28 Mhz SSB and BPSK31 modes


This is a special prefix for Haiti because of celebration of 200 Years Haiti
Good QSO on 18 Mhz SSB
Tks to DL7CM Hans


Good QSO's with R1ANF on 14 and 18 Mhz band SSB

Aland Islands

OHØP, operated by DJ2PJ, is the special call of OHØJWH to celebrate his 70th birthday and 50 years of amateur radio activity of the operator in 2005.

Very nice QSO on CW mode with DJ2PJ operating OH0P on 7 Mhz