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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Very nice QSO on 18 Mhz SSB
Date: 28-09-2002

Tks to DL7AFS Bearbel

Inhambane District group including Bazaruto you will find it among the RSGB IOTA Directories most wanted groups. The Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of small islands situated approximately 40 kilometres off the Mozambique coast. Large parts of the islands, and especially Bazaruto Island itself, remain in a pristine state. Bazaruto is the largest (35km long), and northern most of the five islands which comprise the Bazaruto Archipelago. As islands go, the three biggest (Margaruque, Banguerus and Bazaruto) are comparatively recent, having formed around six thousand years ago. The tiny Bangue is even younger, and is thought to be about three thousand years of age Saint Carolina (previously known as Paradise Island) is considerably more ancient, having established itself an estimated 120 000 years ago. All but the latter were most likely part of the Cabo Sebastiao Peninsula, aeons ago. The human population of the Archipelago is estimated at some 4 000 people. Most are concentrated in sixty or so fishing villages but there are many refugees from the mainland. The master plan recommends the resettlement of the refugees, back to the mainland when conditions are suitable. The islanders subsist on a diet of fresh fish and other marine foods, coconuts and maize traded with the mainland. Their primitive fishing techniques are currently considered to have little impact on the fish stocks but the situation is being carefully monitored.


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