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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sierra Leone

Very Good QSO with Massino Stella (afmal member) on 14 Mhz SSB
Afmal-fbf, "Association in collaboration with the Medical Order of Saint John of God for far away ill people", is a no-profit humanitarian organization committed to the path of preserving human life through the development of Health assistance in Italy and in the developing countries.
Health assistance is just one moment of a longer path, turned to sensitize every man to respect and give fraternal love, peace values and solidarity that find their highest expression in the treatment of ill people, the highest valorization of human life.
The absolute belief that health is both a mental and fisical condition, the attainment of a perfect balance in relationships with others and yourself, and not just the lacking of diseases, takes Afmal to commit in projects that put together health assistance and an attention to the social work and professional qualification of the patient: to treat a person means even to give him/her those instruments that make him able to rehabilitate and reintegrate himself.
Following the directives of the World Health Assembly – that in 1977 defined as the most important aim of every governing institution, to guarantee health assistance for everyone – Afmal has always committed in the stimulation of national institutes to allocate funds for solidarity, through a collaborative approach with Governments.
Afmal has always collaborated with other important national and international NGOs – as VIS, CEFA, AIBI, AVSI, (along with there is a collaboration for a project in Albania since 1997) and other humanitarian organizations as Operation Smile (together with Afmal has instituted an hospital Center in Romania).


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